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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Valid form 25.5.2018

1. Data Controller:

Port of Kokkola Ltd., Kantasatamantie 50, 67900 Kokkola, Finland

Contact person for matters concerning the registry; Vuokko Kalliokoski

Finance Manager tel.: +358 400 883 798 email: vuokko.kalliokoski@portofkokkola.fi

2. Name of registry

Customer registry of Port of Kokkola Ltd.

3. Purpose of processing personal data

Personal data are processed to handle, administer, develop and analyse relationships based on customer relations and other appropriate relations connected to customers, including communication to customers, which may also be realized electronically. The data may also be used to comply with statutory obligations imposed by public authorities. Personal data are also processed for the planning, realization, analysing and development of the business activities of the data controller and any company part of the same economic consortium. When processing the personal data we undertake to comply with the applicable legislation and to protect your identity. The collection of personal data is based on the customer relationship, registration or any other justifiable relationship. We process data in accordance with this privacy policy.

4. The data content of the registry

The registry may contain the following information of the client:

With the consent of the customer the following data may also be collected to the registry:

5. Regular data sources

The data stored in the registry may be acquired e.g. by email, phone, from contracts, customer meetings and other events, where the customer provides their information.

6. Data storage time

We store the user data only as long as is necessary for the implementation of the intended use, in accordance with the current legislation in force.

7. Processing of the data collected in the registry

We only use the data collected in the registry for predetermined use, such as developing our services and communication. We may combine data from other sources insofar as they have been collected for the same use. We may also use our collected data for statistical purposes and for the prevention and investigation of abusive practices. In our communication with clients and in marketing we use the data to send customer information and to market our services. We may also use the data for targeting our services and persons. Despite a potential ban on direct marketing, we may send service notifications, e.g. messages concerning faults and disturbances.

8. Regular disclosures of registry data

We process your data in accordance with this privacy policy, and we shall not sell or disclose them to third parties without your consent. However, we have the right to use our customer data for direct marketing, opinion, marketing and similar surveys. In addition, we may give our customer registry to our service provider for the above-mentioned purposes. We may also disclose our customer data based on legislation or authority regulations in force at the time. We do not in general transfer customer data outside the areas of the EU and the EEA.

9. Principles of registry protection

When realizing the web site technical data protection has been used, the aim of which is to ensure that the entered data remain unchanged and will only be accessible to those authorized to access the data.

The data will be stored on a server, protected against data hacking and inaccessible to outsiders. Data protection measures include firewalls, passwords and other necessary technical and data technical measures. Access to the customer data bases has been limited to those individuals who have a need to process the data in question. Editing and reading the data of the registry requires personal identification to the sys-tem. A back up copy of the registry is created on a regular basis.

10. Rights of the registered

According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016, articles 15 – 21 the registered has the right to gain access to the data, ask for correction or deleting of data, limit the processing, transfer the data from one system to another, as well as prevent the processing of their personal data. In reference to the rights above the requests should be directed in writing and signed to the address:

Port of Kokkola Ltd.

Kantasatamantie 50, 67900 Kokkola, Finland

or by email to vuokko.kalliokoski@portofkokkola.fi

11. Other rights pertaining to the processing of personal data

The registry will not be disclosed to third parties for direct marketing, distant sales, other direct marketing, nor for market and opinion surveys.

12. Updating of the Privacy Policy and the registry description

We update this privacy policy with new versions as needed. The most recent version will be published on our web site and can be inspected regularly when visiting the web site.