+20 °C

2 m/s (Southeast)

+3 cm


White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) – Some time ago it was near extinction in Finland. Long-term protective work saved it from extinction and today it is a familiar sight also in the environment of our port. The principle of Port of Kokkola is as far as they are concerned to act responsibly and respecting the environment.

The principle of Port of Kokkola is to act responsibly and environmentally friendly. Port of Kokkola is a member of the international GreenPort organization, the task of which is to further durable development in the ports. On their web site you can find, amongst other things, plans, instructions and reports on environmental issues.

Waste management

Instructions for ships WASTE RECEPTION
Information about on waste left in ports (no special fee)

Oily Waste

Oily waste transport to be ordered from Dock Masters, tel: +358 400 432 694.

Wash Water for Holds

Wash water for cargo holds to be ordered from the ship’s agent.

Oil Spill

Oil spill into the sea must be reported to the Dock Master4, tel: +358 400 432 694.

Port and Terminal information book

Port and terminal information book 3.1.2022