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All persons who move around in the port area are responsible for safety and ensuring safety. A Safety Manual for the Port of Kokkola has been issued, which comprehensively deals with matters related to safety. In the manual there are the general regulations on order and safety, as well as the instructions in case of damage or hazardous situations and directives in case of a catastrophe.

Access permits

Access Permits from Port Tower info. Read more from Access Permits-page.

Port and Information Book

Port and terminal information book 3.1.2022

Port Regulations

Port regulations in english

Safety Manual

Safety Manual 2023

ISPS bulletin

The International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS Code) safety rules, issued by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), came into force on 1 July 2004. The rules require the strengthening of the monitoring of movement on the port area. Because of this the whole port area is fenced in. All persons moving on the port area must be registered. Unauthorized presence on the port area is prohibited.

Access to the port area and the vessels


Camera monitoring

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Work Security

When working on the port area national and international rules concerning occupational safety must be followed. In addition, practices of occupational safety have been referred to in the Safety guide of Port of Kokkola. A safety management system of the railway traffic is in force in the port. The traffic on the rails and the maintenance is performed in accordance with that safety management system.

The port area is completely fenced in and the entrance gates have barriers. The access to the port area is automatically monitored. The general speed limit on the port area is 30 km/h.

Handling of hazardous goods

More detailed instructions of the handling hazardous goods are described in the IMDG Code: