+15 °C

4 m/s (Southwest)

+10 cm

General Port

In the General Port containers, general cargo and clean bulk are handled with our versatile harbour cranes.


In our General Port  we have Europe’s largest All Weather Terminal (AWT), which is the only one in the Nordic countries. In the AWT we handle mainly containers and general cargo. The logistical whole consisting of the AWT, the loading area and the storage facilities allows us to handle the most sensitive general cargoes efficiently and in dry conditions, protected from the weather.

Kantasataman AWT terminaali


The main general cargoes going through our port are sawn timber, zinc and goods in big bags.

The General Port area offers excellent handling conditions for general cargo.  


The handling of clean bulk – such as lime stone, alumina and raw materials for fertilizers – requires special care. Dark and clean bulk are therefore kept clearly separated from each other in our port. There is a terminal in the General Port, specifically constructed for import and export of clean bulk, equipped with efficient railway wagon unloading devices and conveyors.


There is currently about 40,000 m2 storage capacity in the General Port for general cargo and clean bulk. In addition to multipurpose warehousing and terminal space there is an abundance of open storage fields in our port. 

  • Quays

    692 m

  • Cranes

    4 pcs

  • Warehouses

    48 019 m²

General Port Quays
  Length Depth
Shore Quay (1) 162 m 9,5 m
Shore Quay (2) 161 m 9,5 m
AWT Quay (x) 122 m 8,3 m
Chemical Quay (5) 83 m 9,5 m
Pack House Quay 164 m 4,0 m
Total 692 m
General Port Cranes
  Hoisting capacity
Crane 1 8 ton
Crane 2 8 ton
Mantsinen 1, 120 20 ton
Mantsinen 2, 120 20 ton
AWT Nosturi 50 ton
Essemko 15 ton
General Port Warehouses
  The year of construction Area m² Type Facilities/Purpose
Warehouse 1 1992 2 580 Warehouse Dry bulk
Warehouse 3 1980 6 000 Multipurpose warehouse Dry bulk (Breakbulk)
Warehouse 4 1981 6 000 Multipurpose warehouse Dry bulk (Breakbulk)
Warehouse 5 2021 4 000 Multipurpose warehouse General cargo
Warehouse 6 1991 3 360 Warehouse/Terminal Terminal with conveyor / General Cargo
Warehouse 7 1994 7 480 Covered open-side warehouse General Cargo
Warehouse 8 1996 8 064 Multipurpose warehouse Dry bulk / General Cargo
Warehouse 9 2009 5 015 Multipurpose warehouse Dry bulk / General Cargo
AWT Warehouse 2005 5 520 Multipurpose warehouse, heating option General cargo
Total 48 019