+15 °C

4 m/s (Southwest)

+10 cm

Panamaxes of the weeks 39-41

Panamax of Week 39, Nord Draco

NORD DRACO. M/s Nord Draco flies the flag of the Marshal Isles. She is built in 2014 and has a DWT of 84,694 ton. The vessel is 228.95 metres long and 35 metres wide.

Nord Draco

Panamax of the Week 40, Egor Letov

In week 40 m/s Egor Letov will call the Deep Port in Kokkola for loading. EGOR LETOV. Built in 2012 Egor Letov flies the flag of Liberia. This Panamax vessel has a deadweight of 74,518 ton, is 225.02 metres long and 32.25 metres wide.

Egor Letov

Panamax of the Week 41, Rize

RIZE. M/s Rizeis built in 2012, and it has a deadweight of 81,950 ton. The vessel is 229.07 metres long and 32.28 metres wide.