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The 14 metres deep fairway into Kokkola is now in use

The 14 metres deep fairway into Kokkola is now in use

The first Panamax class vessel carrying bulk cargo is currently loading in the Deep Port of Kokkola. It arrived in the port via the 14 metres deep fairway, which has been in use as of 30 September.

The vessel, m/s Tyana, which is now loading at the deep quay is 228 metres long and more than 32 metres wide. The deadweight of the vessel is 82,158 ton. According to Mr. Torbjörn Witting, CEO of Port of Kokkola LTD., the positive effects of the deepening of the fairway can already be seen this autumn  in the cargo quantities of the big vessels.

– Several vessels of a similar size as Tyana are scheduled to arrive in our port in October. As a result of the 14 metres deep fairway the vessels can load much more cargo than before , Another important positive consequence of the investment in the fairway is that it has improved the overall employment  along the logistics route of the port of Kokkola. Because the vessels can load 25 percent more cargo than before, one can assume that the effect on employment have a similar impact.

The positive effects of the investment in the fairway  is also highlighted by Mr. Carsten Andersen, director in charge of the business relations with Port of Kokkola at the Danish owner Nordic Bulk Carriers A/S. This owner has big, high ice-class bulk vessels.

– The deepening of the fairway into Kokkola allows for more competitive freight rates. In addition, thanks to the investment in the fairway  the competitiveness of Kokkola is greatly strengthened, in comparison to other ports in the Baltic area, which have deep ports., Anderson notes.

The first Panamax class vessel, which is now loading in the Deep Port of Kokkola, used the new deep fairway when arriving into the port. Photo: Jorma Uusitalo

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