+15 °C

5 m/s (Southwest)

+9 cm

The core network TEN-T as a goal

Port of Kokkola Ltd., owned by the City of Kokkola, aims to be included in the European TEN-T core network. The Mayor of Kokkola, Stina Mattila, says that belonging to the TEN-T core network would be a continuation for the long-term development of the port of Kokkola.

– The current traffic and cargo volumes in the port of Kokkola are not a coincidence; the growth is the result of hard work. At best, annual cargo volumes have already exceeded 8 million ton. The future growth prospects are also very positive, Stina Mattila reminds us.

According to her, the 14-metre-deep channel introduced in autumn 2020 is the latest example of how the Finnish state has invested in the development of the port of Kokkola, and how the state also believes in the growth opportunities of the port of Kokkola and the surrounding area.

Jonne Sandberg, Development Director of the City of Kokkola, also emphasizes that now is the time to take the next steps in the development of the port of Kokkola.

– Kokkola already meets the criteria for a TEN-T core network port, and the required infrastructure will continue to be strengthened. The port of Kokkola serves a wide range of Northern and Central Finland’s export industry, and most of the large Panamax class vessels arriving in Finland call specifically into Kokkola.