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5 m/s (Southwest)

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Anssi Martinmäki
Commercial Manager of Port of Kokkola Ltd.

Anssi Martinmäki Commercial Manager of Port of Kokkola Ltd.

Logistics Engineer Anssi Martinmäki (40) has from 6 November been nominated Port of Kokkola’s Commercial Manager. Martinmäki will move to his new position from Juhani Kähkönen Oy, where he worked as a project engineer in the mechanical forest industry in transport development and planning tasks.

Anssi Martinmäki has strong background of port logistics planning and management tasks, acquired in the service of Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab. He started his working career at Rauanheimo in 2008 as a foreman in stevedoring and forwarding. After that he worked at Rauanheimo as a rail traffic planner, operational production planner and forwarding manager. In this position he was responsible for the management, planning and development of the company’s terminal operations. In his most recent position as operational manager, in 2021-2022, he had the overall responsibility for the planning of the service business and the logistics management of Rauanheimo’s unit in Kokkola.

– Port of Kokkola is an excellent place to influence port operations and be involved in the service of the supply chains of the local industry, as well as the global trade. Kokkola is one of Finland’s strongest general ports, handling a wide range of different types of goods. Having invested in comprehensive infrastructure, Port of Kokkola also has a considerable potential to serve projects supporting the green transition. The fairways are also excellent. The 14-meter-deep fairway connects to both the national rail traffic network and functioning special transport routes, Anssi Martinmäki explains why he applied for the job with Port of Kokkola.

Logistics Engineer Anssi Martinmäki takes up his position as commercial manager of Port of Kokkola Ltd. in November.